Let me be with you at the very last moment of today. This morning you have your friends, family, colleagues, and Korean fans with you, but at this moment, under the same sky but in a very different place, you have us, one of your Viet fan staying in Australia and 2 non-fan who is my friends. From me, they believe you’re a good person. Yet, you’re our good boy!

So, don’t worry, everyone thinks you did well, and lived a meaningful life. You brought happiness to many of us, brought light to our lives, and always took care of people around you. You worked hard, even too much, so now please have a good rest and sleep well. We may see you in our next life, and be friend (maybe) so we can share everything and you’ll be happy always!

I’m saying goodbye, goodbyes my wonderful boy. You’re beloved by everyone in this world.

#R.I.P #Jonghyun #RosesforJonghyun #sogoodbye #dontcry #smile

Crying in silence

I’m seeking for more about you but I’m scared of seeing it. Because I know no matter what I do, you’re no more here. You were far away, but at least I still can see you over many many videos and other medias, but now, you’re gone, once and forever.

Out there, to many people it’s just another day gone, but to me, it’s the day that I could never see you again. I know, some may think it’s ridiculous to cry for someone that I’ve never met. But I don’t care, because they would never know how much you meant to me.

Yet, we have never met, and I thought soon, we will. But now, I have no chance to see you because now you’re an angel enjoying your freedom.

My boy, I wish I can turn back the time, and seek for people to help you. I know how hard it is to fight over the demon inside. I know how horrible it is to think about ending your life with no guilty about those who remain live.

You’ve been suffering too much, but still fought day by day, for your family, your fan and to seek for happiness. Unfortunately, that day come, you just can’t hold on anymore. Don’t worry, hun. There’s nothing right or wrong here. You deserve what you wanted. We have no right to question why you didn’t seek for help. It was us who weren’t there for you.

You’re exhausted after all these days, hearing what others said about you but they know nothing at all. We know you’re tired and need a good rest. Just go and enjoy your time at the place where nobody judges you, no pain, no stress, and then you’re finally free from the black dog which been following you years and years.

Honey, we all believe you did a good job, you did very well. Bringing bright and happiness to many of us, we’ll forever appreciate what you’ve done for us from the bottom of our heart. Please sleep well, we’ll see you in the sky, watch us from above with a big smile on your face and be proud of us.

May your soul Rest In Peace, my angel!

Today, we have our own angle

I’m not asking you why because you deserve what you wanted.

I’m not holding you back because you deserve to go wherever you dreamt to.

I’m letting you go only because all I ever wanted is you to be happy.

There’s only one thing I ever wanted to tell you, no matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, who you become, you’re always a part of my life.

No matter what people talk about you, questions about what happened to you; I believe you did your best to hang on.

And finally I believe,

God sent you here to make us happy and now he takes you back because he wants you yourself to be happy too, rather than bringing happiness to others.

You did well, it’s time to rest.

We believe we have you with us, you’re our own angle.

You’re SHINee’s and Shawol’s angle.

Watchs us from up high there and be proud of us.

Dear heaven,

Please be nice to our angle!